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A kingdom not of this world

It seems ironic, but most of all very cruel, that there should be war once again in the Holy Land; that in these villages, towns and cities where Jesus once healed and forgave his fellow man, that the worst atrocities committed by man are once against manifest.

Yet, amidst these terribly barbaric acts and shattered lives, daily acts of kindness are selflessly being carried out among strangers and so-called enemies. Not only in the Holy Land, but in Ukraine too, and in similar war-torn areas of the earth. What would Jesus do faced with such inhumanity?

He would do what he did 2000 years ago: pray, and meet the needs of those suffering from disease and persecution. It should be remembered, that Jesus lived in a territory occupied by one the of cruelest empires the world has ever known. Did he try to stop Rome from committing its daily atrocities? No, he pointed out this that His Kingdom, "was not of this world". What he did do was travel the Holy Land and relieve people from their myriad distresses by healing them.

The result would be the formation of a new religion based on "loving your neighbor as yourself." In other words, Jesus changed the world--not by toppling a world power--but by a series of small acts of kindness. These very kindnesses are today evident in war-torn countries across the globe, revealing Jesus' Kingdom of Heaven, is--as He said--within us.

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