Richard Nisley, On His Birthday

From Richard's son, Bill:

My father's birthday was in August. I care about my father, and I care about all life. I, of course, have known my father for a long time. He has done many things to help me out. I never knew my dad when he was a child, but I imagine that we had to learn some of the same life-lessons.

It seems that we make mistakes in this world, and it is partially because we don't know everything. I regret all of the bad things that I have done, but I realize that those things were inevitable. I couldn't have done any better in the past. For this reason, it seems to me that forgiveness is important. My dad has forgiven me. My dad has stuck with me. My mom and my brother have stuck with me too. Over the years, things have changed, but at least my family has stayed a constant in my life up till this point. Sometimes I feel angry or sad, but at least I can go home and be comforted by my dad.

Anyway, I love my dad, and that is that.

Oh, and happy August birthday.



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