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Mastery for a Day--outline

Table of Contents

Forward -- The Stuff of Dreams

Lapping Brands Hatch in Dan Gurney's F-1 Eagle

1 - The Coronation of Stirling Moss

The 1961 Monaco Grand Prix

2 - The Cosmic Wheels of Jim Clark

The 1967 Dutch Grand Prix

3 - John Surtees Wins his last race for Ferrari

The 1966 Belgian Grand Prix

4 - Gurney Luck

The 1964 French Grand Prix

5 - You Can't Always Get What You Want

Graham Hill and the 1960 British Grand Prix

6 - Jackie Stewart Assumes the Crown

The 1968 German Grand Prix

7 - Triumph of the Anti-Hero

The 1961 Italian Grand Prix

8 - McLaren on the Verge

The 1967 Canadian Grand Prix

9 - Rindt Serves Notice

The 1969 U.S. Grand Prix

10 - F-1's Quintessential Number-Two Driver Snags a Win in Mexico City

The 1965 Mexican Grand Prix

bonus material

11 - Black Jack Rolls a Seven in Champagne Country

The 1966 French Grand Prix

12 - Taffy Revels in the Rain

The 1961 British Grand Prix

13 - Fiction - The Ragged Edge

The South African Grand Prix

14 - Roger Corman makes an F1 Racing Movie

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The Ragged Edge

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