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"A Little History of the World"
History - World Released - Mar 23, 2019
You have to love a writer who believed it should be possible to explain most things to an intelligent child without jargon or pompous language. This wonderful book ("A Little History of the World" by E. H. Gombrich) is the result, written simply and intelligently. It began with a chapter he wrote on the age of chivalry. Having submitted it to a publisher who liked what he read, he sold the idea of writing a complete book on the history of the world. Having sold it, he was told he had six weeks to produce a manuscript, which he did, studying diligent by day and writing by night. Producing a chapter a day, he made the deadline. His book was published and went on to become an international best-seller.

The beauty of it is its simplicity–imagine, a history of the world you can read in about three hours. It's all here: the development of towns, trade and markets, writing and math, the art of printing, and the great empires of antiquity: Persia, Egypt, Athens, Rome, as well as a history of philosophy, architecture, religion, theater and the arts, plus European history: the Merovingians, the Carolingians, Charlemagne's battles in Gaul, Martin Luther and the Reformation, the age of revolution, the age of invention, the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the 100-year war and the 30-year war, even a chapter on Chinese history (did you know China was the only country that was not ruled by the nobility, nor by soldiers, nor by the priesthood, but by scholars?). The book was first published in 1936. The copy I have was given to me by a friend, and was published in 2002. Read it, learn something new, while be entertained.

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