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Porsche Photo Op
Car Culture Released - Nov 26, 2016

It was always about cars, as far back as I can remember, American cars with serious big-bore V8 engines. Then came the shift, first to English cars, then to German cars. We evolved. Each of my brothers have owned at least one Porsche. I’m the exception. As close as I came was owning a Volkswagen Beetle. The 356 Porsche and VW Beetle have several things in common–both have air-cooled flat-four engines, rear swing-axles, torsion bars suspensions, half-moon profiles, and share the same designer: Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. What follows are some photos of my brothers’ Porsches– and my lone Beetle. For more, read “Midnight Ride” (posted July 19, 2015). All photos by John Nisley except for the VW, by Gary Mayeda.

Three of Richard Nisley's Brothers in Cars
Say “cheese”: L-R: David, Charles & Rob
Palmdale, Calif. Thanksgiving Day 1967

Three Cars
Pick a color
Palmdale, Calif. Thanksgiving Day 1967

Three of Richard Nisley's Brothers Looking at Cars
Tinkering: L-R: Rob, David, Charles
Palmdale, Calif. Thanksgiving Day 1967

Rob's Speedster
Leading: Rob’s Speedster
Carlsbad, Calif, late-’60s

Rob in a Car, Driving
Rob at Twilight
Mulholland Drive, Calif, late-’60s

Rob's Speedster, Charles' Coupe, and John's Targa
Where to? L-R: Rob’s Speedster, Charles’ Coupe (now yellow) and John’s Targa
Monterey, Calif, mid-’70s

Charles' Coupe
On a clear day you can see . . . Charles’ Coupe
Monterey, Calif, mid-’70s

John's Targa
John’s Targa
Rogers Dry Lake, Calif, mid-’70s

Younger Richard Nisley Alongside His Car
Stand-in for a Porsche
Northridge, Calif 1974

Richard Nisley and His Four Brothers, 1977
L-R: Rich, Charles, Rob, John, David, in front of Rich’s Toyota Corolla.
Palmdale, Calif Thanksgiving Day 1977

Richard Nisley and His Four Brothers, 1999
L-R: Rich, David, Rob, Charles, John
Los Angeles, Fall 1999

John's Other Car
John’s other car

John (Richard Nisley's Brother), Stranger in Paradise
Stranger in Paradise

Richard Nisley's Brother, Charles
Hysteria over Charles

Richard Nisley's Brother, Rob

Richard Nisley's Brother
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